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TCS are focused on delivering quality outcomes, which satisfy client needs, are within budget, without delay or defect and exceed client expectations.

TCS brings 30 years of architectural design and structural engineering to our construction projects providing clients with excellence in fit for purpose, value engineered construction solutions.

Ornina Restaurant in Abu Dhabi is an excellent example of the world leading  capability of the TCS team to bring design and construction excellence to clients wishes for dramatic functional structures.

TCS also provides real design and construct solutions to corporate clients wanting high quality gated housing compounds, private residential clients and resort clients wanting excellence in resort development planning, design and construction.

The TCS delivery model is based on providing infrastructure solutions that include certified trade training components allowing us to deliver both quality developments and leave behind improved in country capacity,  via a certified workforce and their acquired trade proficiency in NZ/AU construction skills.


We operate our own Architectural Design Office enabling us to provide clients with rapid, cost effective design and construct solutions including structural engineering and site geotechnical services. TCS design capability extends to structural steel and concrete structures with specialist expertise in market leading glue laminated and engineered timber construction solutions. 


Complete structures are  supplied to NZ/AS building codes, fully treated for termites and rot and offering a 50 year warranty on all timber components. Structures designed to Cyclone wind loads and Category A Earthquake loadings are provided via our in house engineering  services.   


Pre-cut and ink jet labelled structural building components are manufactured directly from CAD drawings using our computer driven saws which ensure accuracy of factory prepared components. This controlled system ensures all pre-cut components are supplied and allows fast, accurate construction even in remote locations.


Our 25 year of experience as developed excellence in containerising materials for construction projects.  Combined with our electronic bar code tracking system and our  “pull pack” loading systems we can ensure damage free transportation and ease of unloading goods at destination. Shrink wrapped, bar code labelled  packs ensure quality of goods are maintained and protected against transport, site identification and  rain damage at site.


Shipped materials are either unloaded into a local warehouse or on site warehouse. Goods are electronically  scanned from container to warehouse  providing a real time track of all components shipped.


TCS provides experienced project and construction management to both ensure quality of work, management of materials and oversee the training of local workers in high quality building and subcontract skills. Experience in timber, steel and concrete multi level structures are all provided for by our experienced team.  All members of our construction management team have worked for TCS from 3 – 15 years which provides our client’s with assurance of dependable, quality outcomes for any project. 


TCS have a wide range of building designs which have been developed over 25 years of servicing the Pacific and Asia markets which enable us to respond very quickly to aid or corporate needs for replacement infrastructure.

These structures can be prefabricated and shipped within four weeks of order, providing  a rapid response to urgent accommodation needs.      


TCS operates a certified construction training program that operates parallel to our development projects. Providing local workers with certified construction training, a structured program involving both theoretical and hands on training including numeracy and literacy skills, ensures local workers have the opportunity to gain certified trade qualifications and receive professional proficiency in NZ/AU construction skills via our trained tutoring program.

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