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TCS are focused on delivering quality outcomes, which satisfy client needs, are within budget, without delay or defect and exceed client expectations.

This is achieved through the following:

  • A thorough understanding of our client’s needs and expectations and linking these to quality objectives which are communicated to project and support teams.

  • Understanding the risk associated with our activities and the impact on our stakeholders and the environment while ensuring implementation of effective process controls.

  • The commitment and professionalism of our people who are empowered through strong leadership to:

    • Utilise smart and well establish practices, so they have the freedom to act responsibly and with accountability.

    • Continually improve personal performance and opportunity by openly discussing problems and issues.

    • Contribute their knowledge and experience to foster creativity and innovation. 

  • The implementation and monitoring of processes which are effective in achieving predictable results.

  • Engagement of suppliers and sub contractors who have demonstrated an aligned commitment to quality and integrate their specialised activities into our systems of control.

  • Strong engagement with our clients to improve the opportunity for feedback.

  • Our process of continual improvement where we take our lessons learned to refine our systems and grow our knowledge and capabilities.



Control of critical materials components from NZ ensures quality of product durability and fit for the project. We retain the ability to offer full warranties on materials used in the project.

Electronic tracking of all goods ensures a real time auditable trail of materials from source to site and mitigates many of the shortage issues associated with construction projects.

Provision of experienced management who have many years experience with TCS products and systems, ensures responsible, timely and well managed project delivery.

Quality Management
Capacity Building Policy

TCS have a policy to employ the maximum local  labour resources and provide quality on site training  to ensure the local community retains a well trained local workforce at the conclusion of a project.


Our policy to employ a minimum of 20% female workers on site has proven over the years to be a significant advantage to site conduct, productivity and social gain in regard to gender equality and respect, with female workers gaining skills they otherwise may  not has access to.

Development of a professional trained local workforce during a project,  ensures that “after project” maintenance can be managed at a local level to the standard of the original build. This also offers the client the option of using this trained local component as permanent maintenance personnel.                        




TCS recognises the international desire to build capacity  in many of the nations that we seek to assist.

One of our core values is to undertake projects with the maximum local input and provide dedicated training to these local workers.  A focused TCS target is to have  a minimum  20% of our local workforce made up of female workers. This provides an important gender equality platform  which is a hugely valuable  social  development issue for many of the pacific communities we are working in.   

This training extends beyond  technical construction skills to safety, organisational and  social skill development.  

We are committed to not only leaving all our  off shore projects with infrastructure that exceeds our clients expectations  but also  a local skill  base that  can be used for further construction, maintenance of  completed  works and a set of work values that they can use positively going forward  in their local communities.   



Our business is focused on a core value of zero harm to our employees and all people associated with our project sites.

TCS prides itself on excellence in our project safety record and management which is achieved through diligent efforts in education, documented safe work practices and strong leadership to  encourage  accountability of all our employees and contractors in good safe work practices.

Core management development of safety is achieved through...

  • Continual  learning  from experience

  • Ongoing training of key staff in safety leadership

  • Showing clear leadership throughout our  organisation

  • Continual  identification and management of risks.  


Our determination is to ensure all our workers are safe and can return to their families on a daily basis free from harm and injury.  

Provision of NZ/AS standard Health and Safety standards is a key platform of TCS project management. We believe that the safety of our employees is the key focus of our professional project involvement  and  take serious steps to ensure we operate safe sites with full training on safe work habits and conduct.

As employers , we take seriously the gender equality responsibilities we have to protect women and children against violence and miss treatment and manage all staff in this respect.

We undertake HIV awareness with all staff in addition to normal health and wellbeing training.      

Health & Safety Policy


The TCS  25 years of experience in design and export of high quality residential housing allows us to supply purpose designed solutions  for private clients, developers and corporate clients wanting housing for executive staff working off shore.


We have private houses across the world, as far north is USA, throughout Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China, the Middle East and throughout the Pacific see projects >


Master planning of multi house developments for Gated Housing Compounds for corporate clients  and Resort Development designing are available from the TCS design team.


We also have strategic partnerships with fire engineers, mechanical engineers and also one of New Zealands’s leading architects to bring the very best of professional experience to our clients.


We operate our own Architectural Design Office enabling us to provide clients with effective design and construct solutions including structural engineering and site geotechnical services. TCS design capability extends to structural steel and concrete structures with specialist expertise in market leading glue laminated and engtrtegic engineered timber construction solutions.


Prefabrication, Expert Consolidation, TCS Logistics Management systems and our experienced project and construction management team provide clients with security of outcome which is the paramount aim of all involved, including our clients.

Our aim is to deliver quality outcomes, which satisfy our client’s needs, are within budget, without delay or defect and exceed our client expectations.
Quality Residential


TCS  has a proven record for the  Design and Construction of specialised healthcare facilities throughout the Pacific and Japan.


Operating our own  Architectural Design Office enables us to provide clients with cost effective design and construct solutions, targeting clients particular healthcare needs.

TCS design capability extends to structural steel and concrete structures with specialist expertise in market leading glue laminated and engineered timber construction techniques.


Our experience with extreme insulation design methods  for  Aged Care facilities in Sapporo on the northern island of Hokkaido in Japan, with fully prefabricated components factory prepared in New Zealand, offers a high labour cost market like Japan with value engineered solutions using treated NZ Radiata Pine and engineered timber components for their structures.


Further south in the Pacific TCS has developed skills in the design of specialist Eye Surgery and Healthcare facilities for the Fred Hollows Foundation. This partnership with a wonderful organisation like Fred Hollows results in excellence in design construction and functionality of the clinics that are critical to the Hollows Foundation work throughout the world.           


TCS brings excellence in specialist design and construction even in remote regions around the world. 

TCS is conjunction with The Fred Hollows Foundation has developed Eye Care facilities throughout the Pacific to  provide our pacific neighbours with vital medical care for avoidable blindness.

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