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Operating own Architectural Design Office enables us to provide clients with rapid, cost effective value engineered design solutions for their projects, including structural engineering and site geotechnical services.

TCS design capability extends to structural steel and concrete structures with specialist expertise in market leading glue laminated and engineered timber construction solutions.


Design and construct offers clients not only a cost effective way to achieve the design outcomes they want, but also offers a faster path to that end and results in a design that complies with the client’s budget.


This value engineering path provides benefits for  both the designer/contractor and the client:

  • The Designer / Contractor is able to employ the best construction solutions for a particular project or site and avoids having to manage design details that create future construction challenges.

  • The client gets a fit for purpose design that is within budget and has the guarantee of a chain of responsibility from design through to construction that is often missing in the traditional design – tender – construct process.


TCS 3D design programs link directly into our prefabrication detailing and factory cutting process’s ensuring accuracy of components and logistical completeness of all exported components.


This process from Design through to Logistical management to site is the strength of the TCS Design / Supply / Construct business model.              

Have a look at a sample of plans we offer...


Much of the needs throughout the Pacific and wider under developed world relate to housing and education and healthcare needs.


A core focus of our aid efforts have been around the development of both social housing solutions and education facilities.

Our standard Education portfolio include classrooms, administration buildings, ablution blocks and teachers housing as based around proven base line needs for this sector of the communities.

TCS offers specialised training and upskilling opportunities for the construction of these social housing and education developments.            

Toilet Block

Double Classroom


Teachers House


Double Classroom

Type B

Teachers House


Double Classroom

Type C


Social Housing

Social Housing throughout New Zealand and the world is a demanding need with many varied levels of quality, expectation and social needs.


Our experience in design and delivery of fit for purpose social housing needs, we believe, is second to none. We have design solutions that suit very basic housing needs for some Pacific regions that wish to build their own houses using prefabricated components and are designed to allow the home to be enlarged at a later date or improved as the family can afford it.


Other social housing needs extend to large housing developments for government bodies, large housing compounds for company staff needs and specific housing for industrial developments, education and healthcare workers.


Social housing in New Zealand is an area of growth where some of the lessons learned from  social housing design work throughout other parts of the world can be applied in New Zealand  to bring cost and durability benefits to our own national housing needs.

Disaster Response Capability


TCS have a wide range of building designs which have been developed over 25 years of servicing the Pacific and Asia markets which enable us to respond very quickly to aid or corporate needs for replacement infrastructure.

These structures can be prefabricated and shipped within four weeks of order, providing  a rapid response to urgent accommodation needs.

2 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


2 Bedroom

Outdoor Living

Type 4A

3 Bedroom

Outdoor Living

Type 7A


Staff Housing
TCS have worked with a range of companies throughout the Pacific to provide housing for local and expat staffing needs.


We offer a wide range of staff housing solutions  from low cost staff housing  for single workers and family accommodation, stand alone ablution blocks and outdoor cooking shelters through to middle management housing and senior expat housing designs.


All staff housing designs are compliant with NZ / AU building codes and supplied with Earthquake and Cyclone engineered compliance.


TCS staff houses are designed for rapid construction and extreme durable materials to provide a long life quality staff housing asset.

2 Bedroom Duplex

Workers Accomodation

3 Bedroom

Staff Accomodation

2 Bedroom

Workers Accommodation

3 Bedroom

Managers Accomodation

8 Bedroom Quadplex

Workers Accomodation

Outdoor Kitchen

Pacific Corporate Housing
The TCS  25 years of experience in design and export of high quality residential housing allows us to supply purpose designed solutions for private clients, developers and corporate clients wanting housing for executive staff working off shore.


We have private housing developments across the world, as far north is USA, throughout Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China, the Middle East and throughout the Pacific.


Master planning of multi house developments for Gated Housing Compounds for corporate clients  and Resort Development designing are available from the TCS design team.


We also have strategic partnerships with Fire engineers, Mechanical engineers and also one of NZ’s leading architects to bring the very best of professional experience to our clients.


We operate our own Architectural Design Office enabling us to provide clients with cost effective design and construct solutions including structural  engineering and site geotechnical services. TCS design capability extends to structural steel and concrete structures with specialist expertise in market leading glue laminated and engineered timber construction solutions.


Prefabrication, Expert Consolidation, TCS Logistics Management systems and our experienced project and construction management team provide clients with security of outcome which is the critical aim of all involved, including our clients.


Our aim is to deliver quality outcomes, which satisfy our client’s needs, are within budget, without delay or defect and exceed our client expectations.


1 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


Gate House

Studio Duplex


2 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


Pacific 2 Bedroom


2 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


Pacific 3 Bedroom




TCS has extensive experience in the Pacific Health Sector.


From small stand alone clinics to complex surgical facilities, we have design , engineering and clinical development solutions to deliver a wide range of Healthcare facilities and services.  Some examples of smaller clinic facilities which can be built in modules to provide specific needs of rural clinic services are shown below.

Clinic 1C


Clinic 2C


Clinic 3C


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